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Bring the Zing! An Online Course for Therapists

How to naturally bring creativity into your therapy practice.

Learn exactly how to do it… you may already have some art and mindfulness techniques in mind… but how to start suddenly doing them with your long term clients? Does it seem awkward? It did to me!

If you’re curious about how it might work in your practice, click below!

It took me years to get up the courage and lots of trial and error- but I figured out how to introduce creativity in my therapy practice, even with clients I never even talked about artmaking with! With a lot of trial and error I developed ways to weave creativity into our sessions, NATURALLY.

I was able to explain to people why we were using art, and how it would help them. Hard core skeptics who came to me to talk about their failing marriages and feelings of hopelessness were able to gain insight and build effective beliefs to get their lives back on track.

The last day to register is Dec. 30th, 2018- course begins Dec. 31st, 2018! Earlybirds (before Dec. 21st) will receive a free jumpstart bonus!

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Therapy Go Down:

Using Mindful Creativity with DBT and CBT Skills

(In person CEU for therapists in Connecticut. If you live elsewhere and want to get updates for the online version, click below to join my list!)

“Katy’s training was informative, hands on, accessible and what I really appreciated - it was comfortable. Participants shared easily throughout the training and I gained so much from Katy providing such a collaborative learning experience.” -Kerry Brown, LCSW