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Find out why creativity is more than just crafting- and how it can boost your productivity, happiness, and social life!  I've made a free training video just for you.


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People are saying about "Creativity with Clients":

I wanted to use more art and creativity, but I felt nervous about it, that my clients would think it was just having fun and not really therapy.  I also didn't want to introduce projects that would be too expensive or take forever to complete.  When I watched Katy's videos it really drove home that these exercises can be done quickly and easily, it didn't seem as overwhelming.”


“I have a lot of clients who are perfectionists, and it's sometimes hard to get them to try new things.  They get really judgmental about anything they make!  In Katy's course we learned how to help others take the pressure off, and notice when they are getting jammed up.  She taught us about the reasons people feel so vulnerable when expressing themselves artistically.  I realized when I did the homework I had to reduce my own perfectionism!  Taking the course reconnected me to my own creativity and now I feel more energized to share it with my clients."