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Identify your REAL blocks.  Let's get you connected- to your fellow creatives and to your own energizing practice.


What can I help you with?


When I try to use creativity in my work, I get pushback.

I feel isolated. I want some support and encouragement.

I'm not motivated anymore.  I don't feel like a creative person. 


Why it's so important to pay attention to creativity...

People are saying:

“I was so burned out at work, and I didn’t really know why, other than I just wasn’t doing what I wanted to do.  I wanted to use more art and creativity, but I felt nervous about it, that my clients would think it was just having fun and not really therapy.  Or that I wasn’t qualified.  When I participated in Katy’s online course, I learned about the neuroscience behind creativity.  We learned about the “flow” state, and how creativity helps with mindfulness.  I had so much more to give my clients aside from just letting them use coloring books during a session.”


“I was being bullied at work when I tried to do art with my patients.  Since I’m not a therapist or an art therapist, the nurses would challenge me in the hallways and ask why I was coloring with them.  I knew it was a very spiritual activity for the people I was working with but I didn’t have the confidence to stand up to my coworkers.  When I went to a retreat that Katy organized, I was able to find my voice and know that what I was doing was right.  Now at work I don’t debate with people from other departments, I use creativity and I know it’s 100% within my scope of practice.


“As a new mom I felt like I had zero time to do anything creative.  My kids are too little to do much with, if I heard one more person tell me to just get out some art supplies and make stuff with them, I was going to scream! I used to draw and paint, and I just don’t get enough alone time to really enter into that world.  When I did the phone interview with Katy I realized that this is just a season, that when my kids are older I will be able to go back to doing fine art, or do some kind of art with them.  I remembered some of the simpler things I used to do- like crochet.  We talked about time, priorities, and mental health.  I started to crochet again, just a few minutes here and there, and the best part has been meeting other knitters and crocheters in my neighborhood.  I feel like I have my identity back as a creative person.  When I joined the Mindful Creativity facebook group, I knew I had an online space to share things I had made and get encouragement, which I really needed!


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